All LabVIEW applications look the same right? Wrong! LabVIEW allows you to customise your UI (User Interface) in order to create professional looking applications in line with your company’s brand.

OK, so you already have an engineer who writes your LabVIEW applications, they can produce nice looking UIs? Being honest even if your engineer doubles up as a graphic designer, is colouring in UIs really the best use of their time? Probably not.

Our UI designers are able to create UIs that are both modern looking and in line with your company brand and you will be surprised how cost effective this is.


So what is UX design? UX (User Experience) is the process of designing your applications so that they are not only pretty but also intuitive to use. Starting from wireframe drawings we are able to layout the flow of your software ensuring that the users of your software get the job done with the minimal number of clicks and minimal amount of fuss.

Is it worth it? - YES!

Don’t forget that your software user interface is probably what your customer spends most of their time interacting with – no matter how good your product is if your software does not look slick and/or is difficult to use that is what they will remember!

Our approach

So far we have talked about making your applications look pretty and used buzz words like UX and UI, does this mean that all you need is someone to do some colouring in? No – in practice our projects are managed by two people who work together – a graphic designer and a software engineer. Together they plan the flow of the software and whilst the graphic designer concentrates on the look and feel for the software, the software engineer ensures that the design can be realised and then builds the front panel controls and indicators.


All customers have different skills, requirements and budgets. We like to think that we can cater for all – so let’s start at the bottom and work up.

The 'Facelift'

If you have a product that is already done, dusted and in the field but want to apply your company brand image then get in touch. We can take your existing application and update it with a clean, modern user interface.

Toolkits and Themes

If you want to create a standard set of controls and indicators that you can use across your applications we can help. We can design a set of standard buttons, controls and indicators in line with your company brand that ca be dropped straight in to your applications. Alternatively, we have a number of off the shelf toolkits that you can purchase as LabVIEW compatible files immediately.

UI/UX Wireframe

If you do not need UI design but would like help laying out the flow of your software we are able to take you software requirements, either formal or informal, and provide you with a set of wireframe drawings that you can use as a reference design.

The 'Full Monty'

If you really want a good looking user interface that is easy to use, and don’t want to spend the man hours working and reworking them yourself then we can provide a UI design from your initial requirements, through to wireframe sketches and reference designs, to building UI libraries and front panels.


Below is a small selection of User Interfaces designed here at UI Design Lab. Please contact us for more information.

Can we code your application

UI Design Lab provide user interface design services, however we can recommend a number of NI Alliance Partner Companies who can assist you with your software development if required. Please contact us for more information.


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